The Columbus African Festival is a bold, yet comprehensive approach to cultural reconversion and reconstruction within the African Diaspora in Central Ohio. It is grounded in the fact that many festivals which take place in the African communities are either singular or dual-focused (Film, Performing Art, Fine Art., etc.)

The Columbus African Festival as a theoretical and conceptual framework seeks to take a Renaissance approach to art and various forms of artistic expression. In this context, art is not just art for art’s sake, but is the creative cultural production of a people’s common history, common lifestyles, and their common and collective aspiration for a higher form of life and humanity. Building on the notion that 2011-2021 is the UN-sanctioned, International Decade for People of African Descent, the Columbus African Festival will showcase the breadth and expansiveness of African and Diasporan creative productive capacity with an emphasis on sustainability.


“Promoting African culture through music, arts, food, fashion show and poetry!”


“To present an annual celebration of the African influence of Art for the enrichment of African cultural life in Central Ohio and beyond.”



An event of this type would build on the energy generated by the local Cultural oriented events, which can serve as feeders for this one. and could become a practical expression to channel creative production into.


The Columbus African Festival is a means of bringing the entire African community in central Ohio in support of African Culture


The Fashion Show component is a means of promoting African Designs.

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